Tsorxor, Dayi South district

Project Tsoxor, Dayi North district

Location: 8 ha (20 acres) at Tsorxor, a farming community about 50km North-West from Ho, 30 km south of Kpando
map of Kpando : Tsoxor

Project leader : Frank Amedson tel. +233 (0)24 50 14924
e-mail  amedson@yahoo.com    amedioresther@yahoo.com
Acting leader: Togbe

Projectleader assistant:  Alice Amedson tel: 026 52 95359
e -mail is  alisoo@yahoo.com
local representative: Honourable Mr Egbetowu   020 19 32627
local representative, the chief of Tsorxor : Togbe Akoto 024 17 49314
ambassador is Miss Esther Amedior  amedioresther@yahoo.com
tel. 020 7586337 and 024 5323216.DSCN8221 4 man+hoge bamboe

2013-06-21 Planted bamboo:
35    bambusa bambos
45    guadua amplexifolia
350  oxytenanthera abyssinica

We think the best species for this area are the O.Abyssinica, the D.Asper and the Guadua Angustifolia

Project Hohoe, Jasikan and Kadjebi Districts

Project area:
Project leader: Frank Amedson
all in preparation


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