Location: latitude 9.4 North and longitude -7.3 West, near Tamale. just North of the Tamale-Yendi road and East of the Wamale suburb of Tamale.
Language: Dagbanli

Paramount chief: Alhassan Sulemani. His overlord is Yaa Naa in Yendi, who by function is the owner of the land. He has witnessed the Contract and Loan Agreement.
The village chief is Mohammed Mumuni. He speaks Hausa.
Planter: Fatawu Mohammed, sun of M.Mumuni  0208 881 097  Jatogh@yahoo.com
P.O.Box TL 662  Tamale N/R.
At 25.June 2015 he has signed the Contract and Loan Agreement
Planter: Alhassan Mohammed,  sun of M.Mumuni; he speaks a little English;

Behind the fields used for annual crop farming a vast unused territory was shown, characterised by dry, levelled pockets amidst lower and wetter land. The higher parts (too low to be called hills) may serve well for bamboo, whilst water can be found by making boreholes in the lower parts, which after proper clearing may also serve as firebelts


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