Sabare, Zabzugu district

Location: A vast area, beyond the lands used for annual crops, is judged very suitable for bamboo. Its coordinates are latitude 9.28 North and longitude 0.25 East.

Impression: On Thursday 6 November Fatawu Gado Mohammed linked me to Mutala Alhassan (also known as “Chiefchief”). Together we travelled to Sabare, a village on the road from Yendi to Zabzugu in the far East of the Dagbon and Northern Region. Chiefchief showed me a vast stretch of land a little outside the village, slightly sloping, so that the lower parts are well used for digging wells or boreholes whilst the higher parts offer space for a lot of bamboo. My impression of the soil is that it offers good fertility for bamboo, so that it is worthwhile to ask our bamboo expert Solomon Amankwaah Owusu to come here and judge according to his expertise.

On the way back we passed a smaller stretch of land alongside the White Volta, which might be used for bamboo growing, but is probably too wet.
I was told that Zabzugu, the larger town further East, also offers good land for bamboo growing, but we had no time to go there. It will be shown to Solomon when he comes on Thursday 20 November. If that is so, Sabare and Zabzugu could form a cluster of 100 hectare bamboo + 100 hectare firebelt.
The local chief of Sabare is called Sulemana Abubakar and he is the grandfather of Chiefchief, who plans to be the planter here. Chiefchief’s telephone number is +233 246 773 132 and his e-mail address .
Sabare is in the traditional district of Zabzugu, but the name of the district chief could not be traced during our short visit. The district chief is under the Yaa Naa (the king of the Dagbon).
Sabare is also in the modern administrative district of Zabzugu in Northern Region.



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