17-02-10.   A picture of one of our bamboo plantations.
Three and a half year before, this was an arid, barren savannah.

IMG_6373mooi bos-

15-05-25  Charley Younge died on 17. May. Charley had a big bamboo plantation in Schellinkhout (NL). He was the first user and seller of bamboo flooring in Europe. He won a reputation worldwide for his knowledge about the bamboo plant and its development.  Just three years ago he was the great Barbarugo advisor.

15-05-08  See how successfull we are: plugs and tissues only 15 days old (Photo Dirk Piet, MDK). You can enlarge the pictures.  15-05-07 survey

15-04-19  Our board member nana Barima Asamoah Kofi IV has explained for 200 Ghanaian people what Barbarugo is doing and why.
IMG_2289  IMG_2330
15-04-09  Pictures of the MDK-nursery.
In June the bamboo plantlets are ready for transport
to our plantations


15-03-16  Read
   Barbarugo – State of Affairs
  What is Barbarugo doing: 7pages full of information

Touch News for the photo galeries

Here you see a big bamboo 18 monthsbig bamboo
after planting.  Bamboo- plantation in
Tsoxor VR
2014-11 23

In Dawhenya 26000647
young bamboo plantlets
are connected with water
tubings. In June 2015
these have been hardened
against ful sunlight and
ready for transport to
the planters




2014 10 16/17  Ruud was at Africa Works
congress in Leiden. He spoke briefly with   minister Ploumen and ambassador Hans Docter.

500 small 500 big bambos

2014 09 10 More than 2000 bamboo
plantlets have been transported from
Indonesia to our nurseries near
Tema and in Sogakope.


2014 May.  We are setting up new plantations: one in Nandom traditional area,UWR, one or two near Tamale and three in the kingdom of Chumburung. Moreover we try to enlarge the plantations in Suamire, BAR and in Tsoxor,VR.

2013 Nov. One of the biggest six months old bamboos in Tsoxor, Kpandu.DSCN8225 heel hoge bamboe
2013 nov. One of the planters of Nsoatre is speaking to you, see

13 06 24              The bamboos are now planted in Kpando, in Kintampo and in Nsoatre.
13 05 20             See the pictures. After 3 weeks these are ready to transport to the farmers. Klick on the pictures.
20130513_143056 *O.Abyss20130509_154051 *B.Bambos




13 04 19             2300 bamboo plantlets have been arrived in Tema (Dawhenya)

13 01 30             We have sent the first order for 2000 bamboo Foto 2013plantlets

13 01 20             The Dutch Tax Administration has declared that
Barbarugo is an institution  for general benefit (ANBI)

12 12 03              Barbarugo is now an official established foundation and is registrated by the Chamber of Commerce, Utrecht. Number 5659 4119.

12 10 05            Ruud visited Oldenzaal to meet Roland Siemons, owner of Clean Fuels. Discussion how to prepare charcoal from bamboo in a clean way.

12 09 28             John has met Dr Dabedo at his office in Accra.

12 09 27            Ruud has met Marcel Duijvesteijn. He is owner of a big nursery in Honselersdijk and also in Tema. He is willing to import bamboo plantations from Indonesia, to cultivate these and to send these to our projects.

12 08 30            Barima has visited Dr Dabedo at his office, together with mr Dickson.Dr Mark Dadebo is business planning manager of the forest Services Division and National Coordinator Bamboo & Rattan Development Program.

12 06 06            Ruud has visited Jan Oprins at his big nursery in Rijkevorsel, Belgium and has also spoken with Victor Brias, founder of the internet Bamboo-Plantations Group to figure out which species of bamboo are the best for the Ghanese climate.

12 05 19            Ruud has visited the Bamboo Innovation Centre in Schellinkhout. He has spoken with the owner Charley Younge to start a network.

12 05 10            Ruud has spoken with Dr Jules Janssen, author of Designing and Building with Bamboo, for advise which species of bamboo was the best for technical applications


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