Gugpanarigu   Tamale cluster

Location: North-West of Tamale, to inspect land for the purpose of bamboo growing. We found about 200 acres (80 hectares) of fertile non-clayey land at a small distance of a water stream. Since later in the week Yakubu Iddrisu warned that land so close to Tamale might be given away for a different use by a future chief, it is advisory to make adoption of this site for the growing of bamboo, dependent on a secure registration of the land at Lands Office. Under this condition Solomon and I recommend the incorporation of this site as a bamboo plantation, if expansion is decided next year.

The local chief of Gugpanarigu is called Yakubu Yussif; he plans to be the planter himself. Although he is fluent in Dagbanli and Twi, he does not understand English, so that all communications to and from Barbarugo should go through Fatawu



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