Ekumdepe, Kpandai district

Location: On the road from Salaga to Kpandae
Village chief: Nana Ntamatafi
Project leader
: Sheriff Mabefan Tinab  0246 207 663   0209 503 920  Sheriftinab@yahoo.com  P.O. SL 21 Salaga N.R.
At 24. June he signed the Contract and Loan Agreement, witnessed by Issahaku-Altulai


17-03-06.  Menno Wolters   Inspection of Ekumdepe

 Dear all,
On 3 and 4 March 2017 I paid a visit to the bamboo plantation at Ekumdepe and also discussed a number of financial issues with Sherif Mabefam Tinab, which are reported on elsewhere.
The plantation is partially in a very good shape. The newly (2016) planted Bambusa Balcooa (Beema) is already almost as tall as a grown-up human being, whilst the Bambusa Blumeana is a little shorter. The Bambusa Bambos (planted 2015) is now up to 4 meters tall and promises a good first harvest in 2020. On the other hand, the Guadua Angustifolia (planted 2016) does not seem to grow at all, whilst the Dendrocalamos Asper (planted 2015) comes up slowly with a few exceptions.

With respect to Dendrocalamos Asper, we have decided to apply some cowdung to make the soil around this bamboo species more fertile, in an attempt to rescue this species. Note however that the same species is also growing too slowly in Gugpanarigu, Kumbungu and Tichelli. If cowdung guarantees success for this species, it should also be applied there. If cowdung fails to promote the species in Ekumdepe, the conclusion must remain that Dendrocalamos Asper is unfit for the savannah.
Guadua Angustifolia is even less successful than Dendrocalamos Asper, a conclusion that must be drawn in Dapaong, Bankamba and Najiro as well as in Ekumdepe. When new plants (of different species) arrive in Ekumdepe, we may consider planting them in the same field, so as to replace the unsuccessful Guadua Angustifolia.
Ekumdepe has much trouble with speargrass, but spraying chemicals that kill the grass seem to promote the bamboo – contrary to the general warning that bamboo is also a grass and may also die from chemicals that eradicate speargrass. The Bambusa Bambos field has recently been sprayed and it is believed that the roots of the speargrass will die as soon as the first rains carry the chemicals into the soil. Subsequent spraying in April or May will put an end to speargrass anywhere in the plantation.
After an earlier attempt in an existing pit that unexpectedly filled with water during heavy rainfall in September, 2016, Ekumdepe now has a compost pit elsewhere on the plantation, almost man-deep, filled with weeds and and a little wood, and covered with sand. It will be used next year.
With best regards, Menno Wolters

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