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Opportunity to invest in a charity project with an acceptable risk

Dear Sir/Madam,

Currently I am the chairman of the Dutch-Ghanaian Barbarugo Foundation, a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers in The Netherlands and Ghana. I would be very pleased when you would invite me to detail personally to you, investment opportunities in projects with acceptable risks of our foundation in Ghana.

Objectives of the Foundation Barbarugo

The objective of the Foundation Barbarugo is to create employment in Ghana, a safe and economically growing democracy, by:

(a) the development of bamboo plantations on the savannas in North-Ghana, and
(b) promotion of local companies to use bamboo as raw material for their products.

Bamboo plantations

Starting 2013, we have created bamboo plantations in North-Ghana at the cost and expert support of the foundation; the number of hectares is enlarging each year. Bamboo grows quickly: a first harvest of 10-20 meters high bamboo is possible after 3-5 years. Even more important: new shoots supply in a continuous harvest of bamboo for a series of years.

Already one hectare of bamboo guarantees the Ghanaian planter an income for years, provided he can obtain acceptable prices for his harvests. Thus, we are looking for (large) consumers of bamboo. We have access to local governments and we support Ghanaian entrepreneurs with advice. However, generally speaking, they lack starting capital to enable investments. This opens possibilities for you to invest at various levels in projects supported by the Ghanaian and Dutch governments.

A choice out of possible investments

Recently, the Ghanaian government has approved the development of an iron mine and blast furnace in North-Ghana. The owner will be ready to replace (polluting) coal by bamboo charcoal for the conversion of iron ore into steel in his blast furnace. To that aim, a so-called carbonizer is developed in the Netherlands, that converts bamboo into charcoal in a environmentally friendly way. The Dutch Minister of Development is amenable to grant credit up to € 800,000 for this carbonizer as part of the steel works that are going to be build.

Practically, we are in search for investors supplying start-up capital, 10 M€, for the iron mine and blast furnace:.

Furthermore, we are looking for investors with regard to:
– two bamboo pelletizers: 1 resp. 8 M€;
– a power station >10 M€;
– an astroturf factory using bamboo as a source (Ghana is a football nation);
– the development of bamboo plantations up to hundreds of hectares.

More detailed information is available in the following link:https://ghanakaderhulp.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/barbarugo-state-of-affairs.pdf
I hope that you are interested and eagerly await your reaction.

Yours Faithfully,
Ruud Goedknegt,
chairman Barbarugo Foundation

E: ruud.barbarugo@gmail.com ; T: +31-297-582-482;
KVK No. Barbarugo Foundation, Waverveen: 56594119