Who we are.

The board

Ruud Goedknegt. Chairman of Barbarugo. Born 1932-08-28 in Amsterdam. Studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam. Specialist chromatography at Governmental laboratories. 1979-2007 owner of Bester BV. Visited Ghana under the guidance of John Duphey in November 2011. Founder of Barbarugo in 2012. Email ruud.barbarugo@gmail.com. Skype goedknegt.r each morning on labourdays from 8h30 to 10h00 Dutch time.(in Ghana in winter 1 or in summer 2 hours earlier)
Nessersluis 18 d  3646 AD   Waverveen

Dr Menno Wolters. Board Member and Country Representative in Ghana for the Barbarugo Foundation.
  Born 1948-09-23 in ‘s-Gravenhage,
Living in Tamale    P.O.Box TL 982      +233 544 518 838
Menno Wolters
menno.barbarugo@yahoo.com                                          meeting around a bamboo table
     120308 Barima aan tafel foto
Agnes Blokker, Treasurer
Barima Asamoah Kofi IV  board member 
Abakomahene of the Abohyendwa Kofi Stool of
Born 1952-08-10 in Akim Oda, Ghana.
He speaks twi.

Jan Compier, board member .
Born 1942-11-23 in Waverveen, Netherland

Solomon foto


Solomon Owusu Amankwaah, bamboo specialistsolomon.barbarugo@yahoo.co.uk

Dr Jim van Dijk, fundraising

Dr Janneke van der Zwaan, ICT

Wim Tolkamp
Jetze Sandstra

Other consultants
Michael Kwaku, Regional Coordinator for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) (West-Africa)
SNV, co-operation partner
Friedl Nelissen
Dr Mark A. Dadebo, National Coordinator Bamboo & Rattan Development Program, Accra      +233-246406948    dadebomarka@gmail.com

Project leaders
See the regarding project chapters
Our Ambassadors
They are the intermediary between the projectleader and the staff in The Netherlands. They are at least twice a year on the area of their project. They advise us and report us if there are problems. An e-mail address is a must. Acces to internet (skype) is preferrable.

Mary Agboli : fafalij@gmail.com . 0277451365 lives in Accra
Esther Amedior :amedioresther@yahoo.com  020 7586337 and 024 5323216.


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