Akwaaba !

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The man who lives according to moral virtue needs that the necessaries of life are sufficiently provided.  (Thomas Aquinas has said)

zie ook de Nederlandstalige site: https://ghanakaderhulp.wordpress.com/

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What we are doing:

1.  To engage the rural communities in income generating activities with bamboo  as a means to improve the economic  situation of  the rural communities.    logo.Barbarugo-50%

2. To consult landowners in preparing the soil (and in
fencing it) for the plantation of bamboo. To give advice on
irrigation, to avoid plantdiseases and in marketing the harvest.

3. To stimulate also the male population in this project with the aim to provide better financial  possibilities for the education of their children

4. To facilitate the setting up of bamboo plantations.

5. To promote bamboo resources as an alternative to timber in Ghana and thus reduce the pressure on the natural timber forest. (MIMM, Institute of Mining & Metallurgy)

In page About you will see our staff. In other pages you will see our bamboo projects in Ghana.

Barbarugo operates with the advises of Baradep, Inbar and Forig.

See map with regions in Ghana and with Ghanaian official languages: http://www.educareafrika.com/kaarten%20van%20Ghana.htm

important literature:

http://localvsglobal.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/6-inbar.pdf   (Michael Kwaku, Bamboo in Ghana- 44p)



http://www.ifpri.org/sites/default/files/publications/gsspwp27.pdf Rainfall and irrigation development in Ghana  50p


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